What We Grow

There are approximately 15 different types of apples that are grown here at Biscay Orchards.  Our main crop consists of McIntosh, Cortland and Macouns.  The others become available as they ripen.  They are listed roughly in the order that they ripen.


McIntosh are medium to large in size, with fine, crisp white flesh.  The tartness and spiciness of the apple has become what is known as the 'classic McIntosh flavor'.  They are a great eating apple and are popular for apple sauce, apple crisp and pies.  These are the first apples we harvest!



The flesh of Cortlands can be described as fine-grained, very juicy, tender and white.  It is slow to oxidize on exposure to air, which makes Cortlands a nice addition to salads.  These apples ripen mid to late September and are especially good for baking because they soften up while maintaining their shape.  In other words, they don't become mush.  A perfect choice for baked apples or adding texture to your apple sauce!

Macouns are a cross between a Jersey Black and a McIntosh, which explains why they so closely resemble the latter.  Ripening in Late September to early October, they are crisp, juicy and highly aromatic, making them a fantastic eating apple useful in all types of cooking.


We have been growing Honeycrisp at Biscay Orchards for over 15 years.  They are our premier crop, ripening in late September.  Honeycrisp are a cross between a Macoun and a Honeygold. An exceptionally good eating apple, they are also known to store very well.  Like the Cortland, they do not brown upon exposure to air and are a welcome addition to a plate of sharp cheddar.  They have been known to approach 1 1/2 pounds in weight.


Galas are crisp and juicy, with a sweet pear-like flavor. They ripen in late September.


The Spencer is a cross between a McIntosh and Delicious.  It is a great eating apple and can be used for cooking.

Red Delicious and Golden Delicious

These famous American apples ripen at the end of September.

Granny Smith

Ripens in early October.  Tart and hard...excellent for caramel apples!

Northern Spy

'Spies are for Pies' and also great keepers.  Because they bear biennially, they are available in limited supply. 


Mike really doesn't remember what he planted!  We have tried to have this apple identified, but to no avail.  It has become a sought after local favorite!


Crisp and juicy, with a spicy, sweet-tart flavor.Available in limited quantities, excellent storage life.

Empire, Jonagold, Zestar! & Autumn Crisp

Recently planted trees should begin bearing soon!

As apples are harvested they

are added to our "tasting

board".  The flavor of apples 

changes as the season 

progresses, which makes this

attraction helpful in deciding when

to buy different types of apples.