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Nothin' But The Juice

Our delicious cider is pressed from apples that have been picked from the trees and then washed.  Preservatives are never added– in fact, nothing else is either!  We use McIntosh and Cortlands as the base and add different apple varieties as they ripen.  It tastes different every time we press!  At the beginning of our harvest, the cider is light in color and taste but as the season progresses, the cider becomes sweeter and darker. It can be said, and we agree, that "cider has seasons and opinions of its own." People have their preferences and come in often to sample the cider.  Did you know cider freezes very well?  Ask us how!

Biscay Orchards cider is sought after by home brewers and wineries alike, due to the fact that it is unpasteurized.  Many people bring their own containers to purchase cider at our special bulk rate.

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